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Nantong Wantong Steel Tube Co.,Ltd. is located in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone Hai’an,covers an area of 68 acres,moreover assets of 200 million Yuan. The annual production capacity of 300,000 tons,is the development, Manufacturing,trade import/exports and services in an integrated well redound corporation enterprise.

Kusabab lahirna, sagala workforce, manajemén jeung administrasi terus forge payun. manajemén kami inovatif tech saluhur integritas ogé tina workforce urang sakabéh urang teruskeun salaku tim pikeun papanggih jeung ngaleuwihan kaperluan sarta ekspektasi dumasar paménta konsumén urang jeung nyadiakeun withing strip baja galvanized; pipe baja panas galvanized; EMT conduit; dilas pipe baja tur pipa baja-plastik komposit; baja struktural; Steel plat net; sagala jinis Parancah (sagemblengna 3 runtuyan leuwih ti 50 rupa) sarta produk pikeun rumah kaca tatanén perusahaan produksi komprehensif.

Simkuring salawasna keukeuh dina ngeunaan science and technology salaku Tujuan urang papanggih kualitas pangluhurna produk pikeun pasar-base urang dina inovasi panganyarna pikeun pangwangunan. Parusahaan boga sababaraha patén-patén nasional. Di antarana, nu lingkungan ramah  steel-plastic composite pipe. Our production of scaffolding is identified as the highest quality QC inspection passed product ranking as one of the "highest in demand-quality products of Jiangsu Province",It serves as an intellectual property protection units in Jiangsu. Jiangsu TV-Press has made a special documentary report  stating its advantages and benefits towards environmental friendly.

In addition, the company is merging domestic based characteristics of the scaffold designed and core aim toward the development of the HT series scaffold manufacturing it to be durable, longlasting and effective after installation. It’s a high end industrial product that will set the new platform for revolutionizing piping scaffolding. Most Products are suitable for bridges, tunnels, the rail public transportation subway, superficial rail train and large type 4 and 5 building construction as well high rises support systems , stage construction power hybrids, transformers, power/nuclear plants as well supporting systems for shipbuilding hauls and departments. Domestically and International clients are recognizing the value and new high end products to meet any demand in the market and praise Nantong Wantong Steel Tube Co.,Ltd. deeply recognizing it as a top innovative industrial  manufacturer.And the greatest advantage is meeting all the safety requirements and regulations according to design and patent guidelines.

Nantong Wantong Steel Tube Co.,Ltd. implements QC inspection RAD research and development as a core to the company high end task force management system and advanced  manufacturing technological equipment and man power to meet and exceed customers’ expectations internationally or domestically , building an alliance and profound cooperation, our products will continue to meet customers demands base on their extensive projects been carried out.

In the future, Nantong Wantong Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.will continue to increase its innovated new products, research and development moreover, other aspects of the investment, striving to innovate its designs and constructive ideas in meeting supply and demand as well environmental friendly. Nantong Wantong Steel Tube Co.,Ltd. will build a safe trustworthy future through renovation, technology and man power.  

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