Steel-plastic composite pipe

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  • Port: Shanghai/Nantong
  • MOQ: 10 Tons
  • Supply ability: 5000 Tons per month
  • Payment terms: T/T, L/C at sight etc.
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    Its biggest characteristic is to overcome the disadvantage that the steel pipe is not resistant to corrosion and the corrosion resistance of the plastic pipe is not pressure. Compared with various kinds of steel pipes, plastic pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, stainless steel pipes and copper pipes, it has obvious advantages in hygienic indexes, physical and chemical properties and cost. It has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, no rust, tasteless, non-toxic, smooth wall, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, light weight, heat insulation and so on, to solve the industry pipeline corrosion, aging problems and loss of pipeline water supply and drainage engineering, gas engineering and chemical industry is the most ideal.

    Quickly Details:

    Standard:GB, ASTM, BS

    Standard:GB/T3091 GB/T6728 ASTM A53 ASTM A500 BS1378

    Out diameter:18mm-48mm

    Thickness of steel tube:1mm-1.5mm

    Pressure Rating:0.08-10Mpa

    corrosion resistance:Resistant to 50% sodium hydroxide, 38%concentrated hydrochloric acid  , 50% resistance to sulfuric acid.


    Length:3m-12m, or according the requirements of customers

    Colour:Black or according the requirements of customers

    Zinc Coating:40g-250g/m2 or according the requirements of customers

    Application:As materials for greenhouses.

    Packaging:In bundle with plastic strip

    Delivery time:According to the quantity and specification of each order            

    MOQ: 10 Tons

    Supply ability: 5000 Tons per month


    Payment terms:T/T, L/C at sight etc.
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