Yu Yong, Chairman of the World Steel Association: The leadership of this round is being carried out by China.

On October 15th, local time at the 2019 World Steel Conference held in Monterrey, Mexico, Yu Yong, the party secretary and chairman of Hegang Group, officially became the 41st chairman of the World Steel Association. This is an external representation of the international brand influence of Hegang Group, and further highlights the influence and affinity of Chinese steel in the world. As the new “master” of the World Iron and Steel Association, how will Yu Yong explain the world’s steel to the world? How to promote the harmonious development of the world steel industry? How to look to the future steel industry?

In this regard, on November 7, Yu Yong accepted an exclusive interview with the reporter of China Metallurgical News. As the new chairman, Yu Yong said that he will continue to work hard to promote the sustainable development of the world steel industry, promote exchanges and cooperation in the industry, strengthen industry development and innovation, and work together to provide the society with more environmentally friendly and smarter steel materials. The steel that continues to innovate is better.

“The development of the world steel industry has entered the ‘Chinese era’”

Reporter: It is generally believed that the modern global steel industry has experienced a shift in focus from Europe and the United States to Japan and South Korea to China. Every shift in the center of gravity has created a huge driving force for innovation in the steel industry. For example, the British invented the alkaline converter steelmaking process. What do you think Chinese steel people can bring to world steel?

Yu Yong: At present, the focus of world steel is in China. Half of the world’s steel is produced in China, and the development of the world steel industry has entered the “Chinese era.”

Throughout the development of the world steel industry for more than 160 years, the global pattern has been constantly adjusted, and the focus of production and consumption has shifted. From the United Kingdom and the United States to the former Soviet Union and Japan, it has now entered the “Chinese era.”

Since 1996, China’s steel output exceeded 100 million tons for the first time, and surpassed Japan to become the world’s largest steel producer. By 2018, China’s cumulative production of crude steel reached 10.902 billion tons, accounting for 37.8% of the world’s total production in the same period. Especially in the past 10 years, China has basically occupied half of the world’s total steel production and consumption. China’s steel industry not only provides better and better materials to domestic and foreign countries, but also has a growing contribution to the national economy and world development in terms of green manufacturing, smart manufacturing, and industrial restructuring. In particular, today’s China has become the world’s second largest economy. With 70 years of development, it has crossed the development history of Western industrial countries for more than 200 years. The tremendous achievements have made us deeply feel the greatness of the Chinese nation. What makes us proud is that the “high-rise buildings” of the Republic are supported by Chinese steel people using “steel skeletons”. History has proven that the development of any developed economy is closely linked to the strong development of the steel industry.

China’s steel industry has become the main driving force for the great development of the world’s steel industry.

After 40 years of rapid reform and opening up, China’s steel industry has the world’s best equipment, technology and technology, with the world’s *large, * professional industrial workers and new green manufacturing concepts, the rapid development of China’s steel industry It has created a broad market space and cooperation platform for global steel and related industries, and has driven the development of related industries such as steel raw fuel, metallurgical equipment and technical services.

From the steady development of China as the world’s second largest economy, as well as the population base, market capacity and economic development stage, China will dominate the world steel industry over time, which will be longer than any previous country. Stage. From the history of world steel development, any country that leads the development of the steel industry in a historical stage exports management, technology and ideas to the whole world, and this round of leadership is being carried out by China.

“Leading the future with green, intelligent and material innovation breakthroughs”

Reporter: You said that “the leadership of this round is being carried out by China.” This is indeed the baton that history has handed over to Chinese steel people. From the long river of history, accurately grasping the direction will promote the development and progress of history, otherwise there will be some twists and turns. We have already stood in the center of the world stage, how to play a good leader role?

Yu Yong: To lead the future development of the world steel industry, we must not stop at the level of creating economic benefits. We must stand at the height of sustainable development and the nationality of the country. We must seek breakthroughs from the perspective of technological innovation and bring both real and strategic value. As the main direction of attack, things have been put into practice consistently, leaving the steel stamps for the country and the “China Seal” for the world.

First of all, we must further broaden the connotation of green development and achieve breakthroughs in innovation and service.

China’s steel industry is in a leading position in energy recycling. For example, Hegang has taken the lead in implementing green development plans for green mines, green procurement, green manufacturing, green products, green logistics and green industry “six in one”. However, it is not enough to implement green development as energy conservation and environmental protection, and recycling is still not enough. Green development should have a deeper connotation. The order of magnitude change in emissions is absolutely not achieved by recycling and production process reductions, and must be achieved through major process modifications. In addition to the greenness of the production process and production process, green steel should pay more attention to the green of process creation and energy use itself, and achieve breakthroughs in the process structure, especially in the energy structure. In the future, in the major technological transformation, energy media, and major technological innovations, there must be a “China Seal.” Such as the exploration of hydrogen smelting technology solutions, will bring a major smelting technology revolution, leading the innovation and transformation of traditional steel smelting technology.

At present, Hegang is cooperating with research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University to actively promote the application of hydrogen energy in the steel field. Specifically, hydrogen is produced by clean energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy, and the ore is reduced by hydrogen to completely achieve zero emissions including carbon emissions. Only the greening of the steel production process itself is far from enough. Only by starting from the source – hydrogen production and realizing green production can we truly achieve green development.

Second, we must further achieve new breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing.

The real problem of China’s steel industry* is how large-scale steel companies respond to diversified market segments. With the emergence of smart manufacturing applications, especially 5G technology, industrial scenes that were previously unachievable in the steel industry will become a reality. 5G can realize the vision of producing different varieties and specifications for a single production line at different times. Intelligent manufacturing enables a production line to realize the functions of multiple production lines. In addition to quality stability, precision control, and efficiency improvement, China’s steel industry implements intelligent manufacturing, and more importantly, it responds to customer segmentation market changes and meets the needs of small batches, individualization, and customization. At present, China’s steel industry has taken the lead in the world in intelligent manufacturing, and further realizes new breakthroughs. It has both significant practical significance and demonstration effects, which will promote the automation, informationization and intelligent manufacturing of the world steel industry.

At present, Hegang has started pilot smart manufacturing in Handan Iron and Steel, not only for efficiency, management, quality improvement, but also to resolve the contradiction between the individual needs of users and the mass production of factories.

* After that, the Chinese steel industry must realize the transformation from focusing on steel itself to focusing on materials, further deepening market docking, and transferring the company’s proprietary technology to downstream industrial chains through materials.

At present, the technology of many high-end manufacturing companies comes from the materials provided by the previous process. In the future, the broader market for the steel industry and the broader space for high-quality development lies in the transition from steel to materials. When steel companies no longer only sell steel products, but through the material export of the company’s proprietary technology, it has achieved an upgrade. At present, China’s steel industry has a large technical research and development team, but the material research and development without deep market and understanding of the needs of the next process is bound to cause a lack of sustainable development and continued steel competitiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the interpretation of materials by excellent steel companies, and to establish a docking mechanism for material research and development and the next process. While doing a good job in the steel products themselves, we need to provide steel material solutions for the next process and even for the downstream industries, further tap the potential of enterprise technology and innovation, improve the material research and development capabilities of the system, and pass on the new steel materials in the future. Unique proprietary technology to better lead the development of the world steel industry.

In this regard, Hegang has also carried out active practice. Hegang regards customer resources as a strategic resource, establishes a customer management committee and two-level customer center; promotes the transformation of “traditional sales team” to “technical marketing team”, from “steel supplier” to “material service provider”, to customers Provide customized “one-stop” material solution services. In order to better respond to customer needs, Hegang also promotes the flattening of management in the production line as an independent market unit, to the administrative and middle layer. * In the end, Hegang’s circle of friends is getting more and more high-end.

Open cooperation is bringing new development opportunities to the steel industry

Reporter: As the new president of the World Steel Association, how will you use this platform to promote the world steel industry to achieve better development?

Yu Yong: We are in an extraordinary era, and the economic form and technical strength have profoundly changed the world. More important than understanding is determination, and more important than method is to take responsibility. Every difficulty and twist is nurturing the factors that dominate the future. We need to create a dynamic growth model with a more open and inclusive attitude, share opportunities and benefits in the open, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and contribute to the sustainable development of the steel industry. New contributions have been made to the progress of human civilization.

In recent years, Hegang has always used global thinking to examine itself and promote self-improvement. Taking the opportunity of joining the World Steel Association as a broad platform of mutual openness and mutual cooperation, Hegang has taken advantage of the century-old outstanding enterprises created by the developed economies in Europe and the United States in the process of industrialization. The growth experience provides a source of vitality for the high quality development of Hegang.

World Steel Cooperation is an important strategic resource platform in the industry. Hegang has always maintained close communication and cooperation with it. Through this platform, it has extensive international exchanges and cooperation, and has established global marketing services, global steel material manufacturing, and global technology research and development. The “three major platforms” have strongly promoted the development of three major changes in quality, efficiency and power. From a regional traditional steel enterprise to a globally competitive global world-class multinational group, it has found and strengthened the “path self-confidence” of high-quality development. .

If you want to achieve extraordinary development and move toward higher and stronger, you must be with the strong and the peers. Going to the international arena, let us have the opportunity to join the strong, through cross-border integration and innovation, while opening up the strategic channel of entering the high-end cycle, while providing innovative ideas and promoting innovation, institutional mechanisms and business model innovation. * Direct learning platform. This is also the important responsibility of the World Steel Association.

I will actively play the advantages of the platform, promote the exchange and cooperation of the world steel industry, and make the advanced technology, advanced management and advanced experience better communion, let the global steel enterprises achieve closer interaction and join hands in creating a better future.

Post time: Nov-22-2019
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