Wang Huaishi: Special Steel Sees Future Development of Steel

“First of all, it must be clear that the future development of steel depends on special steel.” Wang Huaishi, secretary general of China Special Steel Enterprise Association (referred to as Special Steel Association) said in an interview with “China Metallurgical News”, “From the perspective of national strategy, The focus and direction of the future development of the special steel industry are currently the four aspects supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In particular, it is to solve the problem of some key products’ stuck necks, and to solve the problem of price and value deviation of the special steel industry’s products. New and higher requirements for special steel products in the development of high-quality economy. ”

The Special Steel Association was established in 1986. It has undergone several key periods such as the planned economy transition to a market economy, large-scale modernization of equipment, and the industry’s loss of 7.21 billion yuan in 2015. Development history since 1986. In 2019, the Special Steel Association was approved to become the first 28 social organizations selected into the PeiYou Program in China, and it is also the only selected institution in the field of steel metallurgy.

Special Steel Association attaches great importance to standardization

Actively play the “bottom line” and leading role

“Let the industry associations guide the country in areas that can not be involved in standard management work, and guide enterprises to transform and upgrade and self-discipline development. This is an important measure for the gradual transformation of functions proposed by the Chinese government many years ago.” Wang Huaishi introduced the special steel association Pushing to the front of the standardized management of the special steel industry segment market is because the special steel association is relatively familiar with the management level, technical reserves and core competitiveness of various companies in the industry, and can deeply and keenly detect where they are. The state of existence, problems, potential dangers and development prospects of the industry.

“With the transformation and upgrading of the special steel industry and high-quality development, standards are playing an important role.” Wang Huaishi pointed out that this role is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is to standardize the order of the special steel industry, to play the role of the “bottom line” of the standard, to optimize the market competition environment, and to replace human factors with standardization in the process of national supervision and social supervision to ensure standardization and practicality; Leading role, using standards to promote technological innovation in enterprises and supporting industrial restructuring.

In 2017, the Standards Committee of China Special Steel Enterprise Association was established. For more than two years, it has formulated a number of group standards for special steel product segments, which have played a good role in regulating the market behavior of steel companies. For example, the “T / SSEA 0009-2018 Hot Rolled Alloy Steel Bar” standard, developed by the Standards Committee of the China Special Steel Enterprise Association and implemented on January 16, 2018, clarifies the characteristics of alloy steel billets and materials and is applicable to relevant national Departments (such as the customs’ identification of square or round billets and materials) are of great significance in regulating import and export products and cracking down on tax evasion.

At the same time, regarding the “standard conditions for tool and die steel industry” mentioned in the reply by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Huaishi said that according to expert opinions, it has been renamed “standard conditions for tool and die steel industry” and was announced on September 18. It is currently positive Receive application reports from domestic tool and steel production enterprises. In the next step, experts will be organized to review the enterprise application reports, and enterprises that meet the requirements will be announced and accept social supervision. He also pointed out that the requirements for enterprises in terms of product quality, process equipment, environmental protection, energy consumption, safety, etc. through the “Regulations for Self-Regulation of the Tooling and Mold Steel Industry” can promote the transformation and upgrading of the special steel industry, realize the survival of the fittest, and further reduce the gap with the United States The gap between countries such as Japan, France, Switzerland and Switzerland promotes the development of China’s tool steel market to a higher level.

Wang Huaishi said that with the continuous progress of China’s standardization reform, in order to further promote the high-quality development of the special steel industry, the Special Steel Association attaches great importance to standardization work, and will actively focus on the market segment of the two special steel application fields at home and abroad. Layout of special steel industry group standardization work.

First, aiming at the world’s leading level, formulate high-end special steel product standards that are in line with international standards, stimulate corporate innovation, and get rid of dependence on imported products. The second is to formulate group standards for subdivided fields to meet the customized market demand of the downstream steel industry and improve the client’s competitiveness. The third is to focus on the needs of market innovation. Around new materials, especially high-end special steel products and applications, which are already at the leading level of new products and technologies, formulate group standards that are highly applicable and represent the industry’s advanced level or better than the internationally advanced level.

In addition, the Special Steel Association will focus on the more demanding content of the enterprise, such as the introduction of policies to support the development of special steel electric furnace steel as soon as possible, support for tax rebate for special steel companies ‘scrap purchase, and the release of special steel companies’ ban on scrap imports. He also said that he will continue to pay attention to the irregular production and operation and disrupt the special steel product market segments, and introduce corresponding self-regulatory conditions when necessary.

Enter a period of important strategic opportunities

Special steel industry needs to control total quantity and quality

“At present, China’s special steel industry has entered an important period of strategic opportunities for transformation and upgrading to achieve high-quality development.” Wang Huaishi said that this will further nurture and release demand for high-end special steel products. This demand is particularly evident in high-end equipment manufacturing industries such as wind power, nuclear power, aviation, petrochemicals, automobiles, and marine engineering.

“In order to seize this important period of strategic opportunity, the special steel industry at this stage must focus on refining market demand, increasing high-end supply, and accelerating technological innovation, and adhere to the path of ‘specialized, refined, special and new’ development. , Continue to move towards the direction of high-tech intensive, high value-added products. “He pointed out that the special steel industry in the future should work hard to control the total volume and seek quality.

“At this stage, the research and development capabilities of China’s high-end products are not yet matched with the conversion of results. Most of the product quality is still in the run-and-run phase. Forward-looking basic research is not enough, and leading original results are not much.” Wang Huaishi emphasized that to achieve The transition to the leading position requires a thorough improvement of the current living environment of the special steel industry and the promotion of the R & D ratio of the entire industry.

“According to our statistics, since the beginning of this year, the overall profitability of the special steel industry is lower than the national steel industry average. The industry R & D ratio is currently only 0.7%. There is still a big gap between the proposed R & D ratio and the target of 1.5%. “Then he turned,” However, the special steel leading companies are on the rise. We are glad to see that there are major special steel companies in the current adversity. In China, the operating conditions have continued to grow year-on-year and month-on-month, and the R & D ratio has reached 3% and above. ”

In terms of new steel materials, Wang Huaishi said that most of the new steel materials are special steel products. Although China’s special steel output ranks the world *, some products and application areas are already at the world-leading level, but in general, there is still no way to be a world power. Certain gap, there is still much room for improvement.

* Later, Wang Huaishi pointed out that in the period of important strategic opportunities, the special steel industry needs to make efforts in the following areas.

The first is to promote the quality of excellent steel products and internationalization of high-end products. Encourage special steel high-end products to participate in international competition and exchanges, and raise China’s high-end special steel products’ international status.

The second is to sort out new products of technological innovation and special products in subdivided fields, focusing on high-end special steel products that are already world-leading in the application field. Regarding new products of technological innovation, such as spray forming tool steel, rolled composite plates, etc., relevant standards will be formulated to standardize production processes, processes and operations; and for special products in subdivided fields, special products that reflect product specificity will be formulated. High-level standards and necessary specifications.

Third, in the area of ​​new steel materials, we must promote technological progress in the industry, guide enterprises to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and exchange and cooperation with scientific research institutes and foreign advanced enterprises, and solve key common technical problems that restrict the development of the special steel industry. After achieving technological breakthroughs, we will increase the promotion of new technologies and products and industrial application efforts to create greater value for the industry.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of the special steel talent team, while retaining the old technology talents, training new technology talents, and maintaining the continuous creative vitality of the special steel industry.

Post time: Nov-27-2019
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